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Photo new ducted air conditioning systemDucted systems are the complete home solution, able to meet all the heating or cooling needs of your entire home at the push of a button.

The mechanical components of the ducted system are discreetly hidden away inside your ceiling or floor space, with their warm or cool air being fed into your house through a series of grilles that can be custom fabricated to match your décor.

Having a fully ducted system installed provides not only the best in climate controlled comfort, it is also a great investment, as the prestige and value you add to your home is well worth taking into account when considering the cost of the solution.

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Here at Omni Air, we pride ourselves on our service. Offering obligation-free same or next day quotes, extensive knowledge and experience and high quality workmanship and only the best brands, we do our best to stand out from the crowd.

Our aim is to serve. It is our job to identify the needs of our clients and find solutions to meet them. This means taking the time to ask the right questions and design the right solution. Our success as a business is a direct result of our clients’ satisfaction, and so we don’t set sales targets by which to gauge our success, rather we aim to provide the ultimate service to our clients.

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than leaving a job knowing that the client is happy with the product they’ve purchased and the service they’ve received, and this is why we find ourselves serving the same clients again and again.