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heating-content-imageSplit system air conditioning systems are ideal for heating one room or area of your home. They are compact in size, are more energy efficient than other heating systems and newer models can be noticably more quiet these days. Split systems comes in a range of wall-mounted or compact floor standing units designed to fit discreetly into your home. The advantage of a Split System is that installation is more flexible with many more options than other systems as well as being more discreet to the aesthetic features of the home.

Key Benefits

There are many reasons why a split system is an efficient heating choice. some of these advantages include:

• Quick and easy to operate. Split systems heat spaces very quickly and are easy to control via a remote control.
• Cost-effective to install. Modification to your home is minimal, indoor and outdoor units are connected by unobtrusive pipes and electrical cables. The absence of ductwork requires less labour, which means quicker and more affordable installation.
• Cost-effective to run. Because they are powered by electricity, the option to subsidise with solar power is a possibility creating a  cost-effective solution for homes that have solar panels installed.
• Lower maintenance costs. Split system air conditioners contain filters inside the indoor unit. These can easily be removed and cleaned  by the owner.
• Air purification. Many models will also purify air so that dust and allergens are not circulated throughout the home.

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