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    We focus on setting the price right, without burning a hole in your pocket but giving our customers the right product and installation services

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    We know our customers love our services, for installation and air conditioning, we work thoroughly and strive to give you the best. One will never experience the “low-stock” issue, whatever and whichever air conditioning you like- we have the stock.

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    From our licensed electricians to serving up the quality products, we have till date installed more than 30,000 units in Sydney. The numbers are just increasing every day.

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Air Conditioning Hurstville

Omni Air Conditioning is a local and affordable air conditioning installation business based in Sydney. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, helping install, repair and maintain a wide array of different air conditioning systems in Hurstville and surrounding suburbs.

If you’re searching for a top quality air conditioning unit that will be installed in an efficient manner, or looking for honest repair work on your current system, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what your air conditioning needs or problems may be, the specialists at Omni Air Conditioning can assist. Our team of technicians are here to help you by making sure that all of your needs are met as part of our dedicated and affordable services.

Since 2014, we at Omni Air have been providing air conditioning services to homes and businesses in the region. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of our community in Hurstville.

A combination of skilled tradespeople and apprentices make up our staff. We employ individuals not just for their professional skills, but also for their interpersonal abilities since we understand how important it is to have people who are trustworthy and courteous in your homes.

We at Omni Air want to be known as the air conditioning installation experts in Hurstville because we aren't satisfied until you are satisfied with our work. We understand that to do this, we must perform high-quality air conditioning installations, provide items in which we have faith, treat our clients and their houses with courtesy, and, if anything goes wrong, make it right as soon as we can.

When booking an air-con installation with Omni Air what should you expect?


It is our priority to visit your property or review your restoration or new installation plans to provide you with an estimate and provide recommendations on the most appropriate solution for your requirements and financial limitations.


If you'd like to schedule your air conditioning installation, then you can contact us, and we'll work with you to find a time that works for you. In addition, we will send you a confirmation to confirm your air conditioning installation date in our system.

On the day of your air conditioning installation, be sure of the following: 

  • Our air con installers will meet you and discuss the task in detail. There will always be one installer on the job site who will serve as your primary point of contact with the company.

  • Our air conditioning installers will make every effort to maintain the project site as clean as possible during the duration of the operation, and they will clean the site thoroughly before they depart.

  • Once your new air conditioning is installed, the contractor will, if at all feasible, instruct you on how to use them.

  • After we're finished, we'll hand along the certificate of conformity, as well as any operating manuals and other applicable papers.

What Do We Recommend for Maintenance & Service?

We suggest that you clean the filters in your air conditioning units at least once every three months to keep them running efficiently. Following the completion of the installation, we will demonstrate how to accomplish this.

A yearly maintenance check by one of our certified aircon technicians is also highly recommended by us. Our technicians will do a comprehensive servicing and inspection of the device during the scheduled maintenance. This guarantees that it is operating at peak performance for maximum energy efficiency, as well as that you are complying with the warranty's terms and conditions. We'll keep a note of when this is due and contact you once a year to schedule an appointment for it.

We’re Your Go-to-go partners!

Our team is made up of air conditioning experts who can help review your current system or provide quality advice on what may work best for your space. We are also specially trained to service both split and ducted air conditioning systems. Once we have completed our services, we can also provide you with friendly advice and tips, ensuring that you can get the most out of your system.

If you have any problems or questions about our air conditioning services in Hurstville, please call our friendly team at Omni Air Conditioning on 02 9594 6210, or you can also fill out our online enquiry form today.

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