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    We know our customers love our services, for installation and air conditioning, we work thoroughly and strive to give you the best. One will never experience the “low-stock” issue, whatever and whichever air conditioning you like- we have the stock.

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    From our licensed electricians to serving up the quality products, we have till date installed more than 30,000 units in Sydney. The numbers are just increasing every day.

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Air Conditioning Engadine

Omni Air Conditioning is an Australian owned and operated specialist air conditioning installation business in Sydney. We possess years of experience in providing professional air conditioning services to homes and business in Engadine and surrounding suburbs.

If you are on the hunt for a new air conditioning unit, need help with a repair job, or want to schedule in some regular maintenance for your current AC unit, Omni Air Conditioning is here to meet your residential and commercial AC needs. No matter if you require a new split system, or are wanting to swap to a new ducted system at home, our experienced team can provide you with expert services and high-quality products to match the needs of your specific situation. Our team has the technical abilities to service a wide array of different brands and types of air conditioning systems. We can elevate your home with our affordable, friendly and professional services, ensuring your air conditioning unit is able to operate effectively over a longer lifetime.

A faulty air conditioning unit can cause a number of different problems, often resulting in a significant disruption of your daily lifestyle, particularly on those hot summer days. We understand the inconvenience of these issues and always work in a timely manner, helping you to get back to your usual routine with as minimal disruption as possible.

If you have any queries relating to air conditioning in Engadine, please get in contact with the experienced team at Omni Air Conditioning on 02 9594 6210, or fill out our online enquiry form today.

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